Hunting page

Hunting in the Czech Republic has a deep and rich tradition. From the agricultural fields to the forested mountains. There are many species of big game to choose.
On our estate we have three seperate hunting grounds. The pheasantry “Park” covers 205 ha. The forest hunting ground of Zajeciny, 1750 ha and the high fence operation which encloses 220 ha.
In the castle park we have good populations of Roe deer. It is not uncommon to see 10-20 deer in an evening. Trophy quality is good for the area. We have in place a strict quota for keeping trophy quality high, not to mention our feeding program during the winter months. In the fall it’s time for our traditional pheasant hunts. We raise and release our own birds.  In 2010 we will release over 3000 pheasants. 
In our forest hunting area we have good populations of Roe deer. Free ranging Mouflon sheep are abundant throughout our concession. Trophy quality has slipped due to circumstances beyond our control.  Wild boar are plentiful as well, sometimes to the point of over population. Please ask about our driven hunts in winter. In the later part of the season, Red deer migrate from the higher elevations to winter on our hunting grounds. Again, trophy quality is poor, due to the bad management programs in place on neighboring  hunting concessions. Red deer hunts work best in conjunction with our driven boar hunts. Unfortunately, over the last 10 years there has been a growing interest in seriously reducing the populations of all big game animals. For those sheep hunters who know, Zajeciny was home to the world record free range Mouflon. 240.4 CIC points. 
Finally we come to the estate hunt. We have a high fence operating on approximately 220 ha. 90% of which is heavily forested and 10% which is converted agriculture land for food plots and pasture. We have excellent populations of Mouflon sheep, Fallow deer, Red deer and world class Sika deer. If you are looking for a world class Sika you have come to the right place. Since 1997 we have held the largest stags shot in the Czech Republic. The first, which is still the Czech record, has 427.9 CIC points. The second largest stag, shot on our estate in 2007, was measured to have 425 CIC points. 
The Fallow deer are also incredible. In 2009 we took our first stag of many gold medal animals. At our spring trophy show our stag was measured with  201CIC points. His trophy weighed over 5 kilograms! We strive to shoot our stags in their prime, you can expect trophies of 4 to 5.5 kilograms in weight.
The Red deer are new to our operation. We bought excellent stock from Romania,  Austria and England. Look for our stags in the future. All our trophies should have a minimum weight of 14 kilograms. 
We are also in the process of bettering our sheep population. We are bringing new genes from the best wild populations throughout the Czech Republic. We hope in the near future to bring back the world record to us in Zajeciny.
Please see our photo site to see some of the many trophies we have taken.